The Positive Attributes of Olive Oil

Positive Attributes Olive Oil
The Positive Attributes of Olive Oil


  • The taste and olfactory set of senses offer a delight of aromas on the mouth.
  • It is a characteristic of olive oils that are produced from healthy olives, unripe or ripe and is felt in the taste, on the palate and in the nose.
  • It´s quality depends on the variety, the condition of the olive, the harvest, the oiling and the preservation.
  • It is characterized as unripe when it resembles an immature fruit (characteristic of unripe oils) and ripe when it resembles a ripe fruit.
  • It is the most important capacity in the evaluation !!
  • Without the detection of its fruit in olive oil it is not classified as extra virgin.


  • Typical taste of olive oils derived from green olives or olives that were harvested at the initial stage of ripening.
  • Bitter should in no case be described as a defect.
  • When the intensity of bitterness is characterized above half of the scale, it is good to state it in the certificate of analysis and to indicate its characteristics label.
  • There are certain olive varieties where it is a feature of their quality.


  • Kinesthetic sensation, characteristic of olive oils produced at the beginning of the olive growing season from olives that are still immature.
  • It is caused by the action of phenolic substances at the ends of the trigeminal nerve, and is eliminated a few seconds after the test.
  • The intensity of the spice decreases during the ripening of the olive oil. We should not confuse this sense of grip with that of the tango where there the feeling is very annoying and persists for much longer